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Walee x LGU - Digital Training Session

by Mr. Muhammad Arslan Tariq 10769 -

Walee in collaboration with Lahore Garrison University is organizing an exciting digital training session for the students of LGU. Through this session, the participants will learn about: 

1- Digital trends and future of e-commerce in Pakistan
2- Affiliate/Influencer Marketing in Pakistan
3- Building an Influencer portfolio and key skills
4- How to earn by working with Brands on Walee

25th September, 2020
7:00pm - 8:00pm

Register NOW and learn how hundreds of young students, just like you, are earning commissions on Walee along with managing their studies.

Download the Walee app here:

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Google link for registration:

Once selected to attend the session, we will email you a zoom link to access the digital training.

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Important Instructions for Students

by Mr. Muhammad Arslan Tariq 10769 -

Dear LGU Students,

Hope you all are safe. If you are not able to access moodle at exam time, 

  • Please check your fee portal, If you paid fee than upload proof. 
  • If fee is not paid you will not be allowed to access moodle.
  • If you uploaded proof of challan paid, wait for accounts department to verify and clear your balance this usually take sometime due to multiple requests.
  • If still you are not able to get access, check your fee portal status will be updated there
  • In case may be the image uploaded is not clear or visible status will be rejected and upload clear image.

Always verify your end before making a complaint to your instructor.

Thank You

Available courses

The general Purpose Survey is being designed to evaluate your General Knowledge and ability to Analytical Skills . (Mandatory for all)

Respected Faculty Members,

It is expected that Faculty Members will collaborate on Updating Master-Course-Packs and then upload the content in the allocated course to be found in Student-Course-Packs till Final Term Exam. 

Everyone please make sure to update your course pack before 4th October. Soon every Faculty Member will be enrolled in Courses for Fall-2020.

Thank You.

  • Students have already experienced the Online Exam during the Mid Term Exam. 
    This mock activity has been designed for students to get used to settings of the Final Term Examination settings.
  • In case of any ambiguity, contact your instructor as soon as possible.
  • Time management is a critical factor in LGU's assessment policy, please spend your time wisely.
  • Make all the necessary arrangements to avoid any inconvenience during the exam. 

All LGU Faculty Members must complete this course. This short course can help you to use the MOODLE features in best possible way for your students.

To familiarize the students with the Fundamentals and course contents of this subject.
The course has been designed to enhance the knowledge of kinetic studies by extending and establishing the kinetic data to third order reactions, side reactions, opposing reactions and chain reactions. Moreover the course includes the study of various surface reactions including adsorption, catalysis and establishing their kinetic data. In addition a part of the basic electrochemical studies has been added in this course to give a vision to students of various applications of electrochemical studies. The lab work has been designed to strengthen the solution preparation skills used in volumetric analysis. The lab work will also enable the students to learn various instrumental analysis using conductivity meter and spectrophotometer.
objectives:There are two essential aims of analytical chemistry: intrinsic aim - attaining analytical information of the highest quality with low uncertainty - and extrinsic aim - solving often complex analytical problems derived from biochemical information in a myriad of different areas such as health, industry, and the medical field.
Learning outcomes:be able to select the appropriate analytical methods to evaluate a sample; critically evaluate data from a variety of analytical chemistry techniques and apply knowledge of the statistical analysis of data; be aware of current developments in the field of analytical chemistry

The main goal of this course is to study the fundamental techniques to design efficient algorithms and analyze their running time. After a brief review of prerequisite material (search, sorting, asymptotic notation), we will discuss efficient algorithms for basic graph problems and solving various problems through divide and conquer algorithms, dynamic programming, and greedy algorithms. We will consider also randomized algorithms, proofs of NP-completeness, approximation algorithms, partial recursive functions, and proofs of undecidability.